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Dadvan Yousuf, Self-Made Crypto Millionaire Dubbed “Crypto King” Continues to Make Waves in the Crypto Industry

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Dadvan Yousuf is the youngest crypto millionaire in Switzerland and is counted among the leading crypto innovators. From an Iraqi refugee to an immensely successful investor, Dadvan rose to prominence by creating a unique crypto trading algorithm.

Born on the 9th of April 2000, the oldest of five siblings, Dadvan Yousuf became a media sensation as the founder of a crypto EdTech company The Dorhnii Foundation, the creator of a remarkably successful crypto coin called the “Dorhnii Coin”, and by becoming one of the youngest self-made millionaires in all of Europe. 

Originally hailing from Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan, Dadvan’s family immigrated to Switzerland shortly before he was born. His parents struggled to keep the food on the table when he was young, and even though he grew up in poverty, Dadvan set his sights on creating a better life. 

While he was merely 11 years old, Dadvan Yousuf took wind of a new digital asset that is rumored to explode shortly. This digital asset was Bitcoin. While most children his age would play with toys, Dadvan sold his off and used this money to purchase 10 Bitcoins while the price per piece was as low as €15.

Realizing that investments revolving around crypto trading are dynamic, this boy decided to begin trading and potentially make more money. His finance ventures paid off, and he was able to purchase 1,000 BTC the following year when the price-per-piece plummeted to €11. Dadvan’s dreams came true in 2014 when Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed to hundreds of euros a piece. 

He continued to trade Bitcoin and decided to give Ethereum a shot in 2016 as a form of risk management and portfolio diversification. During this time, Dadvan Yousuf was only 16 years old, yet he saved enough money to purchase 16,000 ETH tokens. 

As Dadvan conveys, he wouldn’t have been able to become so successful if it wasn’t for his proprietary crypto trading algorithm, which is now considered among the brightest crypto innovations of the decade. This algorithm analyzes data and, as Dadvan imparts, provides accurate information and predictions about the future of cryptocurrencies. 

Now a self-made crypto millionaire, Dadvan has never been further away from poverty. He was living a luxurious life that he could only dream about as a child. Aware that millions of children and people are going through what he went through, Dadvan Yousuf decided to give back to the community that enabled him to succeed in life. 

Dadvan founded the “Dohrnii Foundation”, an organization committed to promoting digital literacy and empowering young generations with knowledge about crypto assets. As the organization’s spokesperson defines:

“We believe that financial education is a human right and know that knowledge remains a vital ingredient for financial freedom. Having identified cryptocurrency as a viable investment, we seek to pass on this knowledge to a global community and shine as a beacon of hope for as many that are willing to learn,”

More information about Dadvan Yousuf is available on his official Wikipedia page.

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