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College Dropouts Are Making More Than Your Average Salary: Passive Income Secrets To Make $32k A Year

An average US employee earns $74.7k per year or $6.22k per month, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This translates into nearly $27.77 per hour. However, on the lower side, people are taking home around $42k per year. This is the state of the world’s biggest economy. The average pay in developing economies is way lower. Consequently, people are resorting to tactics like moonlighting to tackle rising costs and inflation. In one of the fastest-developing economies like India, 73% of employees indulge in moonlighting. 

While moonlighting helps people make more money, it is leading to compromised work performance, an overworked and tired workforce, and several other problems. 

On the other hand, Gen Z and millennials seem to have found a trick to generate a steady income from the emerging crypto market while working 8-9 hours a day. In fact, there are certain college goers and dropouts making the same as an average US employee, without working even a single day.

Passive Income Strategies Leveraged By Young Professionals and Investors

The crypto market has helped thousands of investors generate a fortune. In fact, a huge number of investors consider it a full-time job. The only downside of the crypto market is its volatility. It is due to the volatility that investors are required to remain glued to their screens all the time to time their entries and exits to perfection. 

Thankfully, there are several passive income generation strategies that help investors tackle the volatility and make money without indulging in active trading. Here are three top ways new-age investors are making as much as a full-time job:

Masternodes: Masternodes are an evolved form of staking that require node validators to hold and stake a certain amount of tokens for a specific time period. Scalability is a huge challenge for blockchain networks, and they need to onboard additional nodes to ensure scalability and efficiency. 

You can easily make up to $50k a year or more by setting up master nodes. Morpheus.Network (available on Kucoin,, and Uniswap) is a supply chain platform that offers 18% APR to node validators contributing to its network security. The supply chain platform is part of Google Accelerator and has been adopted by big enterprises since 2017. Always stick to fundamentally strong cryptos with competent teams. The program offered 18% APR to validators, almost 2x than other cryptos. 

With the maximum number of nodes to be set up by an individual capped at 200, one can easily make around $32k a year by setting up just 100 nodes. Dash is another popular master node project that offers steady returns. 

Staking: Staking means putting your crypto holdings to work while retaining ownership. It helps you generate a steady passive income while you can go about with your daily business. Staking is a strategy to lock in your tokens to contribute to the efficiency of a blockchain network. In exchange, you get a healthy return for contributing to the network’s efficiency. 

Staking is a very stable income generation opportunity in the highly volatile crypto market. You can generate up to 20% returns by staking tokens like $ATOM (trading on Binance, OKX, Coinbase, Kraken, Coinex,, and other top exchanges). Thousands of investors use staking as a reliable mechanism to generate a passive income. Staking has emerged as a solid alternative to yield farming. In fact, regulated broker offering tools like eToro allows investors to generate income on a monthly basis with up to 90% returns, allowing investors to maximize their passive income. 

Yield Farming: Yield Farming is another very popular passive income generation strategy helping crypto investors generate a steady income. Yield farming in crypto is a way to maximize returns on your investments by actively moving your funds between different DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols to take advantage of varying interest rates and incentives. It involves lending or staking your crypto assets to earn rewards like additional tokens. In exchange, you get steady returns without having to involve in active trading.

You can make up to 15% APY through yield farming with projects like YieldFlow. However, you must research the risks involved in yield farming before taking the plunge. 

Crypto Lending: Crypto lending is another proven and easy way to monetize your crypto holdings without indulging in active trading. Unlike banks, DeFi protocols and exchanges do not control the funds of users. Thus, they need other investors to lend money that can be passed on to borrowers for the cycle to run smoothly. Crypto lending allows you to lend your crypto holdings in exchange for a healthy interest that can translate into up to 15% APY.

Crypto lending has gained massive traction over the years with the emergence of DeFi. As the TVL in DeFi protocol grows, the demand for crypto lenders is only going to increase. 

Dividend-Paying Tokens: This is a lesser-known passive income generation strategy that could help you diversify your portfolio further for effective risk management. There are certain cryptocurrency projects that pay in the form of additional tokens or a share of the project’s profits. The idea is to incentivize long-term holding and participation in the project’s ecosystem.

Leading crypto exchange Kucoin also offers dividends on its native token KCS. NEO is another popular token to offer dividends. Different token models have different criteria for distributing dividends. For example, you need to hold more than 6 KCS tokens to be eligible for dividends from Kucoin. The amount you receive depends on your holding size you can calculate using this calculator:


The average income in both developed and developing economies is not always sufficient to meet rising costs and inflation, leading to moonlighting and overworked employees. However, young professionals and investors have found passive income strategies in the crypto market. Staking offers a stable income by contributing to the blockchain network’s efficiency, while master nodes provide higher returns for validating and securing networks like Morpheus.Network and Dash. It trades on Binance and other top exchanges.

Additionally, yield farming allows investors to earn rewards from DeFi protocols without active trading. Despite these opportunities, investors should carefully research and understand the risks involved in yield farming before diving in. The biggest benefit of the aforementioned passive income generation strategies is that they help you tackle the volatility of the crypto market. Additionally, it helps you create financial independence while unlocking multiple earning opportunities without risking your capital in a choppy market. 

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