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KS Dad Pro Se JoCo Judge Lawsuit Advances in the High Court; Alleging Conspiracy to Interfere 42 U.S. Code § 1985

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KS Pro Se Lawsuit Against Johnson County Family Court Judge Burmaster Advances by the Magistrates Direction

Kansas City, Kansas Dec 17, 2023 ( - The Kansas Magistrate Teresa James has advanced the pro se father's high court civil rights lawsuit against the Johnson County family court judge Paul W. Burmaster. Kansas father entered the high court on October 19, 2023 with multiple lawsuits against several Judges and officers of the Johnson county court. The father to two alienated Kansas daughters, informed the magistrate that he had been defrauded out of being a father beginning 2018. And was wrongfully removed from the parenting equation fully by 2022, and now returns, as pro se attorney.

The father is representing himself in the high court case Escalante vs Burmaster 2:23-CV02471. The most recent action in the federal judge lawsuit was issued on December 13, 2023. The Magistrate wrote in an 'Initial Order Regarding Planning and Scheduling', that per Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Section 1, a scheduling conference for the pro se party and attorneys must be held to mandate the 'just, speedy and inexpensive determination of civil cases. As such, the conference was set for January 16, 2023 at the Robert J. Dole Courthouse in Kansas City, Kansas.

Kansas media is refusing to cover the judge who has manipulated the domestic violence against these three victims

Judge Paul W. Burmaster has presided over childrens jurisdictions in Johnson County, Kansas since his appointment in 2019. Judge Burmaster has served as a Division 14 judge for 4 years in Johnson County, having previously worked as a criminal defense attorney. He graduated from Shawnee Mission East in 1983. The judge has faced criminal allegations stemming from family court cases of Escalante vs Escalante.

Doc 43, full image in Escalante vs Burmaster 2:23-CV02471Photo by

Matthew Aaron Escalante has represented himself in the county cases of 18-CV03813 and 22-CV03391, both titled Escalante v Escalante. The pro se litigant argued his case before the Kansas Federal Court on October 19, 2023, bringing civil suit alleging constitutional and criminal violations by Judge Burmaster related to custody of Escalante's two daughters and protective orders. Since then, Judge Burmaster has attempted to dismiss the lawsuit through a motion to dismiss, though the high court's actions indicate they will not be hearing those dismissal motions.

Escalante is the father of two daughters aged 14 and 8 living in Gardner, Kansas, whom he says he has not seen since his ex-wife Janelle Leigh Escalante and her attorney Christopher T. Wilson improperly and unlawfully obtained a protective order on July 08, 2022 by presenting it before Judge Burmaster in an illegally tampered form. Judge Burmaster approved the order, preventing contact between Escalante and his daughters for over 17 months. Escalante now aims to invalidate the order as fraudulent in federal collateral attack. There is growing evidence supporting the father's claims, with three additional lawsuits now pending before the high court involving custody, conspiracy and crimes against the the Escalante children and father.

Escalante and his children have filed three lawsuits seeking over $21 million in damages from Janelle Leigh, Christopher T. Wilson, Guardian Lewanna Bell Lloyd, the Gardner Police Department, and now the Chief Judge of District Court for violating the civil rights of the father and daughters. Escalante is representing his daughters in these matters given he has not seen them in almost 2 years.

There is significant discussion on social media sites regarding the judicial scandal in Kansas. However, local media coverage has not addressed concerns about Judge Burmaster potentially violating judicial conduct rules by presiding over children's cases while facing allegations, nor has there been any public announcement of his removal from cases. But yet the judge shows pulled off many men's cases in the last few weeks.

A few online articles have reported on this situation involving Judges Burmaster and Droege:

There is a need for reevaluation of judicial ethics and transparency policies. The lax standards for recusal decisions and limited financial disclosures, coupled with self-policing of misconduct, leave the system vulnerable. The federal complaint response summons issued to Judge Charles Droege illuminates judicial responsibility issues. Additionally, there are concerns about imposed legal representation and attorney involvement in family court cases.

Here's an older article that encompasses a large pie of the misconduct scale:

Doc 43 in US Case 223CV02471

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