Hero Brands is Working on Adding Terpenes to all of Their Hero Products

Hero Brands is Working on Adding Terpenes to all of Their Hero Products

Hero Brands advocates for using plant-based alternatives over the abuse of opioids and prescription drugs.

Online PR News – 16-August-2021Plants Over Pills is both a movement and a mission for Hero Brands, with the focus on reducing the use of addictive drugs through plant-based alternatives. With the increasing rise of opioid use in America, there is no time like the present to raise awareness of this fatal crisis like today. In order to understand where Hero Brands is coming from, it is important to understand your body and how it reacts to certain plant-based alternatives. Hero Brands has decided to work towards adding terpenes to all of its products. What are terpenes?

Plants naturally contain organic, aromaticcompounds called terpenes. Terpenes give cannabis strains their distinct flavors, colors, and scents. Terpenes make up an important part of the entourage effect when they are combined with other compounds instead of used alone, from which broad effects can be derived.
Common terpenes include:

Bisabolol.In addition to its chamomile and tea tree oil notes, bisabolol appears to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and irritation. Additionally, microbial, and pain-relieving properties may be associated with it.

Caryophyllene.This peppery, spicy molecule may help reduce anxiety, ease depression, and ulcers.

Linalool.Known for its floral notes, linalool is said to aid in relaxation and boost mood.

Myrcene.Known as the most common terpene, this earthy, herbal compound may aid in reducing anxiety and insomnia.

Ocimene.Terpenes of this kind produce a basil, mango, and parsley aroma. One of its primary effects may be to ease congestion and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Pinene.It produces a strong pine scent, as its name suggests. Memory may be improved, pain may be reduced, and unpleasant effects, like nausea and problems with coordination, may be alleviated with it.

Terpinolene.The smell of this compound may be similar to apples or cumin. There is evidence that it contains antifungal, antibacterial, and sedative effects.

Limonene.This terpene produces bright citrus notes. According to some sources, it reduces stress and improves mood.

Humulene.Like hops or cloves, this terpene has earthy and wooden characteristics. This molecule may reduce inflammation.

Eucalyptol.The refreshing and invigorating properties of this molecule are brought about by elements of eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Additionally, it is believed to help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.

The Hero Brands team consists of orthopedic surgeons, biochemists, marketing professionals, and plant-based experts all working in conjunction to deliver healthier plant-based alternatives to help improve our nations healthcare system. Between different plant-based ingredients, terpene profiles, and more, Heros product development has allowed them to become one of the leading pioneers in the nutraceutical industry, from the CBN Gummies to the DMSO Roll On, innovation and creativity is on Hero's mind.

For more information, please visit www.herowse.com

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