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US Nuclear's Medical Isotope Production to Revolutionize Healthcare

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - January 30, 2024 - One of the most critical problems faced by the healthcare industry worldwide is the severe shortage of radionuclides for nuclear medicine, imaging, diagnosis, and treatment.  US Nuclear’s (OTC-QB: UCLE) plan to bring medical isotopes to the market will reshape the landscape of healthcare and diagnostic imaging.

Medical isotopes play a key role in various diagnostic and therapeutic applications, aiding in the detection and treatment of numerous medical conditions.  One of the most important functions of these isotopes is providing precise and accurate diagnostics for various medical conditions.  From cancer detection to cardiovascular imaging, these isotopes enable healthcare professionals to visualize and assess the functioning of organs and tissues with exceptional detail and make a very accurate diagnosis.  Without access to nuclear imaging, the patient runs the risk of a misdiagnosis or exploratory surgery which can easily damage the patient.

Medical isotope imaging provides crucial, life-saving information that no other scanners can.  Medical isotopes provide a detailed ‘video’ of internal organs as they function, whereas other diagnostics provide just a still photo.  For example, Tc-99m isotopes are used in myocardial perfusion imaging to assess the blood flow to the heart muscle, which is crucial to diagnosing and guiding treatment for cardiovascular heart disease, ultimately saving lives.

Currently, there is a severe shortage of medical isotopes.  Worldwide, only six reactors produce these isotopes, and no production facility operates in the United States.  The average age of these reactors is over 53 years, and licenses will expire on four of them in the next 10 years.  If any one of these reactors shuts down for repairs or maintenance, the problem only gets worse.  US Nuclear aims to solve this shortage by producing medical isotopes through clean fusion power at less than half the current cost since there are no expensive nuclear waste disposal costs involved.

The market for medical isotopes is around $10 billion today, but this can more than double with the new availability.  With the increased medical isotope production capacity provided by US Nuclear, people across the world in other countries can have access to these critical tools, addressing healthcare disparities and improving lives.


How important is it that the world has medical scanners, and especially isotope scanners?  There is a reason that rich and important people with serious health problems rush to America where they are confident of successful treatments. These successful treatments could not happen without ultra-accurate diagnoses that the top doctors with super scanners can make.  Currently, only the US and Europe (18% of the world population) have commandeered almost 100% of these medical isotopes, but with US Nuclear’s dramatic increase in production and isotope generation capacity, the whole world over time can finally have access to advanced care and longer healthier lives.


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