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How Key Control Helps Franchise Owners Lower Operating Costs

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As a franchise owner, keeping a tight grip on operating costs is essential for maintaining profitability. While many cost-cutting strategies can impact your customers or staff, there is one often overlooked area that can yield significant savings – your key control program. In this article, we will explore how poor key control can cost a franchise owner more than they expect and the benefits of an effective key control system.

Key Control 101 for the Franchise Owner

Key control refers to the management of physical keys to ensure that access to facilities is restricted to authorized personnel only. This involves tracking who has which keys, ensuring keys are returned when employees leave or are transferred, and quickly rekeying locks when keys are lost. Effective key control is particularly important for franchises, where multiple locations can complicate the security landscape.

How Poor Key Control Costs Franchise Owners Money

When was the last time you evaluated your key control program? Poor key control can lead to a range of hidden operating expenses for franchise businesses. Lost or stolen keys, especially master keys, can result in expensive locksmith call-outs and the need to rekey multiple locations – a cost that can easily reach five figures (as much as $52,600 per year for restaurant or retail franchise owners) before even taking the cost of labor into account. Beyond these direct expenses, lax key control also introduces security risks that can threaten your inventory and employee safety. Missing keys can also disrupt workflows, decreasing productivity as staff spend time searching for lost keys. On the other hand, investing in a robust key control system with user-rekeyable locks can deliver important cost savings.

The Cost-Cutting Power of Good Key Control for Franchise Owners

As a franchise owner, you have a lot on your plate – everything from managing high employee turnover, the complexity of overseeing multiple locations, and the need to maintain stringent security without sacrificing efficiency or customer service. You might view your key control system as a dispensable line item in your budget, but as we’ve talked about earlier, neglecting key control can lead to higher operating costs across your franchise locations. Lost keys, outdated records, and employee turnover can all culminate in a substantial financial burden.

A robust key control system can have a significant positive impact on your franchise’s operating costs. An efficient key control system minimizes the risk of misplacing keys, maintains accurate records, and simplifies the process of lock changes or rekeying across your locations. While the upfront costs may seem steep, such a system improves the security of your franchise facilities and positively influences your bottom line.

Improved productivity and enhanced risk management are two key benefits of effective key control for franchise owners. When employees at your locations aren’t wasting time searching for missing keys or waiting for locksmiths, they can focus on their primary responsibilities. Cloud-based key control systems provide real-time key and key holder auditing capabilities, which give you valuable insights, allowing swift action in case of missing keys, which reduces the risk of a security breach across your franchise.

As a franchise owner, effective key control should be an essential part of your cost-cutting strategy. By investing in a comprehensive key management system, you can unlock significant savings across your locations. From boosting employee productivity to enhancing security and avoiding expensive locksmith and rekeying fees, a robust key control program delivers a strong return on investment.


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