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AquaBliss Introduces Revolutionary Cold Water Shower Filters to Enhance Wellness

High-quality shower filters may also be able to enhance benefits of Cold Water Therapy.

(PRUnderground) April 4th, 2024

Can the right choice in shower filter deliver health benefits? The answer, backed by both science and in real world feedback is a strong yes. AquaBliss, a leading provider of innovative water filtration solutions, understands this well. In exciting news, the company recently announced the launch of its AquaBliss shower filters designed to help deliver the benefits of cold water therapy. As the demand for holistic wellness solutions grows, AquaBliss is answering the call by offering filters that enhance the advantages of cold showers.

“The documented benefits of cold showers are well recognized, and by simply incorporating one of our high-quality shower filters into your routine, you can elevate and add to these benefits,” commented David Pitman, CEO of AquaBliss.

AquaBliss’ line of revitalizing shower filters utilizes a blend of redox media, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, Vitamin C, and minerals to effectively target chlorine/chloramine and other harsh chemicals found in shower water while also revitalizing hair skin and nails. These filters can be counted on for instant, effective filtration. The installation is simple and headache-free.

Credible research has shown that reducing chlorine in water has substantial benefits for hair and skin. By filtering out these harsh chemicals AquaBliss filters boost the positive qualities of cold showers while also delivering benefits that would not be possible without these filters. The inclusion of Tourmaline in the filters also works towards revitalizing hair in a remarkable way, beyond normal cold showers.

The filters leverage science to improve the already impressive effects of cold showers on both health and appearance.

According to AquaBliss, in a recent blog post, some highlights of the benefits of cold water therapy include:

Bolster Immunity to Common Colds: The practice of cold showers is linked to improved work attendance and a potential decrease in illness, attributed to the physical shock response that stimulates white blood cell release.

Relieve Pain, Treat Inflammation, and Reduce Muscle Soreness: Cold therapy has been used successfully for ages to treat pain from injuries and athletics.

Promote Mindfulness, Discipline, and Gratitude: Taking cold showers is a proven method for developing a tougher mindset.

Boost Alertness: Cold showers are a fast and reliable way to wake up, no matter the time of day or night.

Improve Resistance to Cold: Brief exposure to cooler water helps build a tolerance to cold through adaption.

Boost Mood and Combat Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: Daily cold showers can enhance dopamine release.

Enhance Circulation and Metabolism: Colder water stimulates oxygenated blood flow, which can help health and performance. Some studies even claim this helps burn calories.

AquaBliss invites everyone to experience the revitalizing cascade of their shower filters first hand. Most people’s bodies and minds will be grateful for the experience. Learn more here.

About AquaBliss

Launched in 2015 with a simple purpose: Create an extraordinary bathroom experience. AquaBliss is a water filtration company that specializes in manufacturing ultra high-quality shower filters.

We recognize that there is no business without the customer. Exceeding customer expectations is our highest priority—and our philosophy is simple: Customer is king. It is this approach, along with our strict standards for quality and satisfaction that have allowed us serve hundreds of thousands of customers and sell over 500,000 shower filters to date.

From both a wellness and an environmental standpoint, water filtration plays a key role in our health and happiness. This is why AquaBliss has carefully honed each of its products via rigorous testing and honest customer communication. Today, the brand takes pride in delivering the exact results people want.

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