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Addiction Treatment Available At Top Center for Alcohol and Drug Rehab In Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, CA based South Shores Recovery is making their team and resources available to everyone who needs treatment for addiction. South Shores Recovery can comfortably count itself among the top addiction treatment centers for Santa Ana residents, and they encourage all in need to get in touch today for more information.

Rehab options are available throughout the nation, but the quality of these treatment centers can vary greatly depending on the expertise of the staff onsite and the technology or resources at their disposal. As such, those looking for treatment services, either for themselves or a loved one, should take care to investigate all of the centers in their area to make sure the center they ultimately choose is indeed the best for their specific circumstances. South Shores Recovery says it can be helpful to begin by researching the nature of the addiction itself (as there are several types with different symptoms and treatments) since this will serve as an excellent foundation to understand why certain solutions are thought to be better than others.

A man gets treatment with the drug rehab Santa Ana services at South Shores Detox and Recovery

Given that many contradictory sources can be found online, South Shores Recovery has published several pertinent articles on its website, giving the community a trusted source for its research. For instance, one article shares that addiction is, “a state when a person battles to control and continues to engage in compulsive overuse of a mind-altering substance, despite awareness of significant negative repercussions.” This state can be brought about by drugs, alcohol, and so on.

Once an addiction is established, it can be difficult to abstain from the substance in question in the future, and this is why it is so important for people to seek professional help when they find themselves in this situation. No one should have to battle their addiction alone, and South Shores Recovery offers a diverse range of services that are designed to meet the similarly varied needs of the community at large. This includes drug care, medication-assisted treatment, residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient drug therapy, long-term sober living and more. Whether a person needs treatment for drug addiction or help for drinking in Santa Ana California, they can find it at South Shores Recovery.

Rehabilitation, and its associated services, tend to require the attention of a multidisciplinary team that is able to address each client on an individual basis. This is exactly what South Shores Recovery offers. Their staff are trained and equipped to craft treatment plans that are adapted to each client’s needs and lifestyle, regardless of the substance in question or their personal circumstances. Further, the center is situated in a convenient location that makes it easy for commuters and visitors to reach at any time. This makes residential treatment and outpatient services more accessible to the wider public.

Where possible, South Shores Recovery takes the opportunity to go the extra mile for its clients and community. For instance, while their addiction treatment programs are based on evidence based practices, they take a few unique approaches that are not available anywhere else. Anyone examining the providers in Orange County, for instance, will note that the center exclusively offers surf therapy, dedicated harp therapy sessions, and more.

With medically supervised detox as well as a full range of aftercare and relapse prevention planning, the team at South Shores is pleased to share that they have done an outstanding job of promoting lasting client recovery for years. Notably, they even have the outcomes to back this up, and they are constantly achieving new successes with clients today. Recovery is often a life-long process, and South Shores confirm that they are with their clients for as long as they are needed.

Many will also appreciate the fact that the center maintains several pet-friendly programs and policies, and their staff has been among the first to embrace such programs nationwide. Anyone who is considering South Shores Recovery can rest assured that both they and their beloved companion will be welcomed with open arms. See more here: Treatment Centers That Allows Pets In The OC.

South Shores Recovery invites those seeking more information to reach out directly by phone to their Admissions team. Further resources are available on the center’s web and social media platforms.


For more information about South Shores Recovery , contact the company here:

South Shores Recovery
27568 Vista De Dons
Dana Point CA 92624


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