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Greenville Treatment Facility Discusses the Dangers of Cocaine and Other Drugs Being Laced with Fentanyl

ReVIDA Recovery® of Greeneville, TN has long been dedicated to helping those with alcohol or drug addictions get back on the path to a better life. The facility is part of the well-known ReVIDA Recovery® centers that are located in several cities across Tennessee and Virginia.

Being a part of that family of treatment centers gives those that seek help from these centers an abundance of experience and substance abuse treatment options to choose from. That includes getting help with Fentanyl and other opioid dependencies. Those at this reputable treatment center are especially concerned with the number of people that are overdosing on Fentanyl and who are unaware of its presence in other drugs they are taking. This is an important subject that Angelee Murray, a representative of the Greenville area treatment facility, wanted to discuss further.

Murray says, “We have many types of patients that come to seek help from us to get over their opioid use disorder. Among the most prevalent of those are those that are suffering from opioid abuse and the number of overdoses associated with this opioid use. Unfortunately, many people who overdose on fentanyl aren’t even aware that they’ve ingested it because it’s often mixed into other drugs, like cocaine, without their knowledge.”

The treatment center’s representative went on to discuss some alarming statistics surrounding opioids and more specifically fentanyl. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 100,000 people died from overdose-related deaths in 2020, and of these deaths’ fentanyl is thought to be a contributing factor in over 60%. She says the reason for that is Fentanyl is a highly potent synthetic opioid that is perceived to be up to 10,000 times more powerful than other opioids. This makes it a popular option for drug dealers to use it as a ‘filler’ drug to increase the highs that users get from other drugs such as cocaine because it only takes a little to produce a more dramatic high for a drug user. A popular option that also allows drug dealers to traffic their goods in much smaller quantities to increase their profits.

Murray says that overdosing on fentanyl laced with other drugs often occurs because fentanyl is almost impossible to measure. Thousands of drug users are dying every year as a result of this. Cocaine laced with fentanyl is one of the biggest concerns because it is so easily mixed with other drugs. That’s because it’s a water-soluble hydrochloride salt that is distributed as a fine white powder. She says that this makes it almost impossible to detect the presence of other drugs such as fentanyl in it. When fentanyl-laced cocaine is used, the consequences can result in overdosing and death. Something that some theorize occurs because most cocaine users have not built up a tolerance to the much more powerful fentanyl opioid. That’s why the ReVIDA Recovery® representative cautioned so strongly against anyone misusing any type of drugs because one never really knows what their true chemical makeup is. She also encourages people that have developed drug dependencies to seek immediate recovery assistance from proven treatment centers such as theirs. People can also find fentanyl test strips to test their substance of choice for the presence of fentanyl. These strips will detect fentanyl, but they cannot tell a person how much is present. If a person uses a test strip and it detects the presence of fentanyl where it should not be, it is best to not use the substance at all.

Those that have sought opioid use help from the medical and support staff at this Greenville, TN-based treatment facility are often very thankful for the results they were able to achieve. Jay aged 45 proclaimed, “ReVIDA has been a great benefit for me. I was always afraid that no treatment center could help me, but I was wrong - big time. I hope they can keep helping people like me.” Mother of two age 29 stated, “I am a mother of two precious babies. One is in heaven, and one is on Earth. Recovery started for me two years after losing my child. I ended up in jail, losing about everything. I have a new meaning in life now and I this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for God and my ReVIDA family.”

Murray encourages those that are suffering from dependency on fentanyl and other forms of opioids to give them a call or reach out to them by filling out their website contact form.


For more information about ReVIDA Recovery® Greenville, contact the company here:

ReVIDA Recovery® Greenville
Angelee Murray
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