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Social Equity Brand 40 Tons Enters Minnesota’s Legal Market with their First Direct-to-Consumer THC Edible in Partnership with Minny Grown

Cannon Falls, Minnesota ( Tuesday Apr 16, 2024 @ 6:00 AM Pacific —

In a significant step forward for their restorative justice-focused approach in the expanding cannabis industry, 40 Tons, a pioneering multi-state social equity brand known for its relentless advocacy for individuals with past cannabis convictions, has unveiled an exciting partnership with Minny Grown, Minnesota's esteemed cannabis innovator. Together, they are rolling out an exclusive line of hemp-derived delta-9 THC gummies, marking 40 Tons' ambitious entry into Minnesota's legal market and its first venture into the direct-to-consumer space.

Crafted with a unique blend of flavors – Root Beer, Sour Lemonade, Mango Orange, and Mojito – these edibles are more than a nod to 40 Tons' innovative spirit; they symbolize the diverse and often unconventional journeys of those affected by cannabis-related legal challenges. "We consciously chose some unconventional flavors to symbolically acknowledge the non-traditional pathways of life that justice-impacted individuals and families experience," stated Loriel Alegrete, CEO of 40 Tons, emphasizing the brand's deep-rooted commitment to advocacy and community support.

This launch is not just about bringing top-quality THC products to consumers; it's a testament to 40 Tons' multifaceted approach to social impact. The brand continues its advocacy with a unique letter-writing campaign, inviting customers to connect with inmates by sending digital or physical postcards, thereby fostering a sense of community and support for those still trapped within the system.

"We're not just entering a new market; we're setting a precedent for how brands can integrate social impact into their business model," Alegrete highlighted, pointing out the importance of this milestone for both 40 Tons and the wider community of social equity brands. Echoing this sentiment, Zach Rohr, CEO of Minny Grown, shared, "Our collaboration with 40 Tons is rooted in a shared vision for societal betterment and creating meaningful change through our local communities. This partnership is a powerful step forward in addressing social injustices and showcasing unity among brands committed to equity and reform." The launch also opens doors for wholesalers and distributors in Minnesota, providing a unique opportunity for local engagement and support. "Our approach is to be a national brand with a local heart," shared Corvain Cooper, Chief Brand Ambassador of 40 Tons, underscoring the brand's commitment to community-focused partnerships and advocacy.

As 40 Tons and Minny Grown pioneer this innovative venture, they not only offer consumers a new way to experience THC but also pave the way for a more inclusive and justice-oriented cannabis industry. For further details on these transformative THC edibles and to support this noble cause, visit or contact

About 40 Tons:

40 Tons, a black and woman-owned legacy to legal brand, stands at the forefront of social impact in the cannabis sector, offering consumer goods, clothing, and accessories dedicated to uplifting justice-impacted individuals through advocacy, education, and support services. Their motto, "NO ONE SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR A PLANT," encapsulates their mission to drive change and foster inclusivity within the cannabis community.

About Minny Grown:

Minny Grown commits to the cannabis cause with a clear, local-first philosophy. By advocating for the restorative potential of the cannabis plant, Minny Grown aims to spearhead positive, lasting change in communities, championing a future that values natural, healthy, and sustainable living through cannabis advocacy and innovation.

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