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RChilli Resume Parser In Salesforce AppExchange-Key To Unbiased Hiring

In any recruitment setting, UNCONSCIOUS BIAS can quickly sabotage the efforts of selecting the perfect candidates. You, as a recruiter, can easily miss out on that one great hire by not being aware of the flaws our human brain can make. The worst that can happen is the inclusion of an incompetent candidate who can weaken team productivity.

To simplify what we’re saying, here’s an example of how you can introduce bias in the hiring process. For instance, you’ve got at least 100 candidates contesting for the position you posted a few days back. Now, with so many resumes lined up, how efficiently do you think you’ll be able to screen each resume? You may begin enthusiastically, sorting each out based on their competencies, years of experience, skills, education, qualification, and more.

Talking about the actual picture, you will look for a shortcut after about 20 resumes to save your time and energy. And how can we simplify the work? The excuses will range from anything between the inability to pronounce the names, the age either being too high or the candidate being too young for the job, and most common of all, he/she isn’t white.

At times we’ve come across someone even saying that he didn’t like the design of the resume. Do you believe a well-designed resume could be a determinant of a candidate’s caliber? At this point, you’ve ended up removing many deserving candidates and have a line-up of those who’ll increase your workload and make you look for their replacements in a few months. In fact, we’ve come across a few startling stats on how common biased recruitment is. Source: This indicates that numerous companies still need to avoid bias, which is the most critical element determining success in today’s competitive scenario.

How RChilli’s Resume Parser Helps Combat Unconscious Bias?

We’re talking about blind resume screening here. This process is helpful to minimize unconscious bias at the beginning stage of the resume screening process. With RChilli’s resume parser at Salesforce AppExchange, you can enable/disable fields as per your requirement. Having leverage to select the essential information and removing the non-essential ones from the screening process enhances the quality of hire. Automated resume screening process not only saves time but also enhances recruitment efficiency.

An Objective Candidate Screening Process

Are you hiring just to meet your targets, or are you hiring to find a perfect fit for your company? Whether or not a candidate fits in your company’s culture is something to ponder over later. This should not be the selection criteria in the beginning stage, nor should it sway your decision.

According to us, the beginning step of the candidate screening process should be completely objective. This can be achieved only if you can remove all the indicators from the screening process, including gender, age, color, race, and more. No argue here that a person’s name can hint at race and gender, while the graduation can speak of his/her age. Avoiding these details is unavoidable when manually screening the resumes. RChilli helps parse the resumes to the Salesforce environment by letting you upload bulk resumes. You can do so from multiple inboxes and the parser auto-populates nearly 140 fields.

The resume parser helps parse the resumes by extracting the details and storing them in the Salesforce environment. The talent pool helps you select the best talent easily. Summing up Adding RChilli’s resume parser in Salesforce AppExchange helps you avoid biases when hiring without wasting your resources and time. Isn’t it a win-win situation? If you, too, want to neutralize the unconscious bias and hire better, give us a shout.

Source: RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce AppExchange

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