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10 Best Mobile Number Trackers Online for Free 2023

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Frequent unwanted phone calls from unknown numbers are the most frustrating thing in the world. And occasionally, you may receive blank calls, hoax calls, inappropriate text messages, advertising calls and SMS, telemarketers pressuring you for donations or credit card information, etc. Some people may even bother you with late-night phone calls. If you find yourself in a scenario like this, the best solution is to track the phone number.

The good news is that several online tools and apps for tracing mobile phone numbers are available. They can also identify the owner's location and contact information.

However, using any website that pops up in a search engine may produce wrong results. A few of these services are malicious and can jeopardize your and the target user's privacy.

Using a reputable website to track a number is the most effective method. For this reason, we've compiled a list of the ten best, most reliable, and most influential mobile number trackers for free.

1. NumLooker-Best Overall Reverse Phone Lookup Search Engine

NumLooker is a renowned reverse phone lookup website that enables users to find the mobile number details of a target using public records and digital footprints to get accurate results. You may use NumLooker to trace any phone number at no cost. To use it, simply visit its website and insert the user's mobile number in the "Phone Lookup" button.

Using data-matching technologies and an extensive database, it can track the target's mobile number and retrieve relevant information about them. The report includes personal details, email addresses, friends and relatives, and social media profiles. Furthermore, you can track the target's precise location and a complete history of their previous places of residence.


The fact that NumLooker is a trustworthy and reliable service is just one of the things that help its results be accurate and consistent. Using its intuitive interface, simply type the target user's mobile number into the search bar, and the program will handle the rest.

No security risks are associated with using NumLooker, so feel free to try it. Any information you find is kept private and anonymous, so the person you're looking for can't possibly know you're searching for them. As a result, it is a safe and convenient way to reconnect with long-lost relatives and old friends. You can get the NumLooker reverse lookup feature from here right away, so don't waste any time.


  • It offers an easy-to-use UI.

  • Returns accurate information about the target's mobile numbers.

  • The site is protected.

  • Track mobile numbers discreetly.

  • You won't need to install any additional software to use this service.

  • Simply use the internet to trace a mobile phone online for free.

  • The site tracks both landline and mobile numbers.

  • Free of charge


  • NumLooker offers several advanced functionalities for a price

  • You need an active connection to the internet.

2. USPhoneLookup - Best Mobile Number Tracker to Find Unknown Caller Identity

If you keep getting spam calls or scams, you can also use USPhoneLookup, which has a free Reverse Phone Lookup feature, to find out who is calling you. USPhoneLookup is the most comprehensive database of contact information for U.S. citizens. You can use it to trace mobile numbers anywhere in the United States.

The interface is pretty straightforward, even for novices. Simply type the mobile number in the search field, and the site will quickly extract information on the caller or phone number owner from public records, social media, phone directories, and classifieds. After sifting through its database, the USPhoneLookup can reveal the caller's name, present and previous addresses, email address, friends, employment history, criminal records, and more. Once you determine the caller's identity, you can decide whether to call back or block the number. Click here to find out the caller's identity immediately.

3. USPhoneSearch - Best Phone Number Tracker in the US

It's highly recommended that you check out USPhoneSearch, a top mobile number tracker website. And don't worry, because your information will be safe thanks to its secure and encrypted system. Using your smartphone or your computer, you should be able to track down where the target phone number came from in a matter of minutes. It's completely free and has an easy-to-use interface.

Insert the target's mobile number into your search field, and USPhoneSearch will execute everything else for you. There is no other action required on your part. It scans numerous databases to generate a comprehensive background report that may contain the caller's full name, address, and demographic information.

You can safely trace and locate mobile phones and landline lines. However, it is based in the US, so you can only track US mobile numbers and landlines. If you’re connected to the internet, just visit the USPhoneSearch website and start tracking the target mobile number now.

4. PhoneNumberLookupFree -Track Phone Number for Free

Using PhoneNumberLookupFree reverse phone lookup solution is one way you can manage our online profile. Simply put, it lets you discover who's on the other end of the line, where they are located, and what city and state they are calling from. In fact, it leverages the mobile number to track the user's profile and, with necessary precautions, release the information safely and legitimately.

All you have to do is key in the phone number on the website and then click the search bar. It will then look through its database, which is full of public records, to find the basic information you are looking for. You can use the phone number lookup service without paying a dime.

PhoneNumberLookupFree helps you determine if a call from an unknown mobile number is from someone you know or if it's spam. Once you see the caller's identity, you can decide to call back or block the number.

5. Number-Lookup - Top-of-the-range Reverse Phone Lookup Directory

Number-Lookup is the most standard and convenient mobile tracking tool available today. It's entirely web-based. As such, there is no need to go through the trouble of downloading and installing an app on your device. Using this web-based tool, you can find a person's personal information based on their phone number. Simply enter the number you need to track on the site's homepage, and within minutes you will have access to extensive information about the target number.

You can expect to find the owner's name, address, and potentially family or affiliated companies. Besides learning who was calling and why, you may block known spammers and telemarketers, protect yourself and your loved ones from phone phishing, and recognize genuine callers. To get started, visit Number-Lookup's official website here.


Like other reverse phone lookup services, Number-Lookup is secure and will not get its users into legal issues. It stands out as one of the most reliable mobile number trackers thanks to its extensive features that track down targeted individuals.

Number-Lookup has an advanced algorithmic system that verifies the identities of the unknown mobile numbers you track. Moreover, Number-Lookup does not charge you for any of the information it provides, nor does it have any other hidden fees. In retrieving the information on the scam caller, the user of the traced mobile number will not be notified. That way, you can relax throughout searches without worrying about being detected by the one being tracked.


  • No account creation is required to complete a mobile number search.

  • This program encrypts and safeguards your data.

  • You can easily track both landline and mobile numbers.

  • Free online mobile number tracking.

  • Every search is 100% confidential.

  • Very efficient, which makes tracking a breeze

  • User-friendly interface

  • Provide authentic results

  • Has an extensive database


  • Number-Lookup needs an active Internet connection to enable tracking.

  • They are unable to trace unlisted, unpublished, or mobile phone numbers.

6. TheNumberLookup - Most Popular Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Try TheNumberLookup for an in-depth phone number search. You can learn who owns a phone number with just one search. To conduct a reverse lookup, type in the relevant mobile number and hit the search button. TheNumberLookup will search its extensive database and produce a report that may include many details, including the owner's name, address, and more.

Results from TheNumberLookup are reliable since they are based on an aggregate of various public data sources. The reverse lookup tool compiles and shows relevant accounts to help you find the person you're looking for on social media. You may also obtain their business information. It will also reveal the target's legal history if they have been charged with or convicted of burglary or fraud.

You can reconnect with a cousin, high school acquaintance, old coworker, or colleague through a free reverse phone number lookup. Rest assured, your confidentiality is fully protected. TheNumberLookup's server guarantees that all interactions are private and anonymous. Therefore, why don’t you go ahead and check out its website?

7. Spyic - Best Free Cell Phone Tracker

Spyic differs significantly from the previous six mobile number trackers. The Spyic phone tracking service was developed with the sole purpose of helping parents keep tabs on their kids. It provides a comprehensive set of parental monitoring features, including mobile number tracking. Easy to use, all you need to do is create a free Spyic account by entering your current email address, then follow the on-screen instructions to begin tracking the target's mobile activities.

Spyic's features include real-time location tracking, SMS tracking, a keylogger, a history of visited websites and apps, a social media tracker, and a call log monitor. When you sign up for Spyic, you'll have full access to all services.

You can easily access all Spyic functions through its online dashboard. To trace a phone number, you do not need to install any application on your phone. However, if the target's phone number is associated with an Android device, you must install the Spyic. The good thing is that this application is designed to operate stealthily and is less than 2 MB in size. Additionally, the app icon is no longer visible after installation.

For Apple devices, installing the Spyic app is not necessary. All it requires are the target phone's iCloud credentials. None of this requires the user to jailbreak or root the device. This direct access prevents compromising the security of the target user's phone. Spyic uses sophisticated security measures to ensure only you can access the target phone's location or data.

Since teenagers are sensitive about their privacy, Spyic runs in a stealthy mode. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your kids finding out that you're tracking their whereabouts. And with geofencing, you may designate safe and unsafe areas for your kid to roam. You'll receive a notification immediately if your child leaves the set boundaries.

If you find that all of this information is too good to be true, why don't you try out our free Spyic demo here?

8. CocoSpy - Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

With CocoSpy, you can track a phone secretly and without the owner's knowledge on Android or iOS platforms. This functionality is made possible by Cocospy's full stealth mode, which grants you complete anonymity so you can monitor and trace cell phone activity covertly. You can also look at other information on the device, like photos, videos, apps, chats, etc.

The secret iPhone tracker of Cocospy leverages the iCloud capability of iPhones to monitor its actions. You only need the target iPhone's iCloud login information to begin tracking. All iPhone data is synced to the iCloud servers since iPhones have an inherent iCloud backup feature. Cocospy uses this backup data to gather all the essential user information. This information enables you to understand their identity entirely.

To spy on an Android phone, you must sign up for a Cocospy account, access the target's phone for a few minutes, and install the app. Immediately after, use your phone to log into your Cocospy account and access the online dashboard to begin tracking the target device.

Cocospy's usability is one of its best features. Anybody and everyone can utilize it, regardless of their technical experience or ability level. It uses a secure channel to transmit all the information it gathers while surveilling and then displays it on a detailed web-based visual dashboard. In addition to this, the app also enables SIM card-based location tracking for phones. Sign up today, and enjoy mobile number tracking for free.

9. Spyine - Track Mobile Number Location for Free

Anyone can use the flexible Spyine phone tracking technology to track a mobile number covertly. Similar to Spyic, Spyine is a web program that you can access through a customized dashboard from any web browser. It features an extensive user interface that allows access to all the data the program has gathered on the targeted phone.

Spyine's primary goal is to make everything completely simple to use. Its user interface is created so that anyone can use it without any technical knowledge. After creating an account with Spyine, you may select iOS or Android as the target platform, connect to the Spyine dashboard, and see their contact information.

Spyine provides information on the calls the user makes and receives through its call monitoring feature. The call's duration, caller's identity, time stamps, and other call-related information are included. Additionally, you can record the calls to hear what they are discussing. So, check out the free demo of Spyic to see how the features discussed work.

In addition to stealth mobile number tracking, Spyine has several functions that make your life easier. Spyine also features specialized user support. So, if you ever encounter a problem with the Spyine tracking system, they will help you resolve it quickly.

Your personal information is kept completely private. Even Spyic's team cannot access any of your data because it is not stored on its servers (including the data you are tracking).

10.MinSpy - The Most Comprehensive Mobile Number Tracker

Minspy is a more recent phone tracking application with a growing user base. One of the numerous advantages of this comprehensive phone monitoring service is hidden location tracking. It offers phone tracking for both Android and iPhone devices. They don't need to jailbreak or root their device to complete the process.

If the person using the phone has an iPhone, Minspy even lets you track it without touching it. However, to track someone's Android phone, you must gain one-time access to their device.

The intuitive interface and easily accessible tabs make a solid first impression. Spyine is a web service that can be accessed from any web browser, like the top phone monitoring applications thus far on the list. The phone tracking program does not require installation on your end.

In addition to monitoring their smartphone, Minspy also allows you to download their location history to your device. It can also sort their location by distance, frequency of visits, time of visits, and so on. What are you waiting for? Click here to try it now!


That concludes our list of the top ten mobile number tracker websites and applications. However, each mobile number tracker has a distinct working method, perks, and cons. NumLooker makes it easy to track a mobile number. You can get the necessary information by typing the number into the search field.

The USPhoneLookup, TheNumberLookup, PhoneNumberLookupFree, Number-Lookup, or UsPhoneSearch could all be good options if all you need to do is identify a suspicious caller or simply locate an old acquaintance from school with a mobile number.

The first six mobile trackers will simply reveal the owner's basic information. The Spyic mobile tracker is the ideal option if you want more specific data. Spyic can help you track down a phone number and monitor and manage all of the user's phone activity. So if you're a parent, you must try this incredible monitoring tool. For a more comprehensive experience where you can access all the data on the target phone, consider Minspy, Spyine, or CocoSpy.

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