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1.5C, LLC Introduces Breakthrough Renewable Energy Technology

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Utilizes existing infrastructure to capture waste energy and deliver renewable cogeneration

Pinehurst, NC - January 30, 2023 - 1.5C, LLC introduces its Patented Pipeline Power Renewable Co-Generator. This revolutionary Renewable Co-Generation system captures currently wasted energy at natural gas pipeline interconnections to Co-Generate green, sustainable energy with no emissions and no fuel consumption while also capturing the associated chilling.

The patented process is known as Renewable Co-Generation.

The Pipeline Power Renewable Co-Generator is designed to harness the energy from the pressure drop of natural gas as it flows through pipeline interconnects. This energy is currently wasted but with the Pipeline Power Renewable Co-Generator it is captured and converted into green electricity and chilled products such as air for Data Centers and other industrial and commercial purposes.

The system is highly efficient, with minimal energy loss during the conversion process. This ensures that the maximum amount of currently wasted energy is captured and used to co-generate electricity and chilled value products. Additionally, the Pipeline Power Renewable Co-Generator is designed to be easily integrated into the existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure, making it a cost-effective solution for green energy co-generation and carbon offset projects.One of the key benefits of this patented Renewable Co-Generation technology is that it creates a sustainable source of green power products that does not produce any emissions or contribute to climate change. It captures currently wasted energy. Efficiency first. This makes it an economical and logical solution for companies and organizations looking to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint to meet sustainability goals.

“If you are pursuing green energy/decarbonization projects, developing and/or operating data center infrastructure, The 1.5C IP utilizing Renewable Co-Generation offers a proven solution to participate in the energy transition and to significantly reduce your operating costs and achieve your corporate ESG objectives related to minimizing carbon footprints.”

Here are some other facts associated with a 1.16 MW Pipeline Renewable Co-Generator System used for a Data Center.

1) Permanently eliminates 1.46 Million MT of Carbon
2) Creates 181,000 MwHr of Green Energy and 130 Billion lbs of chilled air at 59 degree F
3) Produces 69 Million gallons of Water
4) Generates $66 Million Cash flow with a PV of $35 Million Base Case (@ 7.5% Discount)

The 1.5C Pipeline Power Renewable Co-Generator System is the only system in the market that does not waste, waste energy.

There are thousands of possible projects across the US.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this innovative new product is being used to power the future.

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