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EBON expands global blockchain presence: Colombian market on fire, competition and selection of outstanding city agents already underway

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Ebang International Holdings (NASDAQ : EBON ) is a leading blockchain technology company with strong integrated circuit design capabilities. With over a decade of accumulated industry experience and expertise in integrated circuit design, EBON ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance bitcoin miners, with a world-class, stable EBON has a more robust data communication system for easier linkage to the server room. EBON has established a super blockchain digital currency mining platform.

Once users have their own EBON mining machine, they can start their own dedicated mining machine with one click through their mobile phone, computer and other online devices to get their daily mining revenue, making it easier to make money from mining! After the machine runs automatically for 24 hours, the income will be transferred to the user’s account in time for easy withdrawal at any time.

EBON is going global and the Colombian market is on fire!

EBON has established mining farms in several countries around the world, and our mining pools are located in more than 20 countries worldwide. Sixty-one mining farms have been established, with a total installed capacity of 800,000 graphics cards and chip miners. Among them, EBON has 19 large blockchain mining farms around the world, deployed in Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, India, the United Kingdom and other countries, with a total power supply capacity of up to 600MW and the ability to run 400,000 miners and over 800,000 miners simultaneously. This is a remarkable achievement for a global company in the blockchain industry, and EBON is committed to surpassing F2Pool as the world’s largest mining pool in terms of arithmetic power.

We believe that our extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry puts us in a good position for future endeavours. In recent years, EBON has invested heavily in research and development, talent acquisition, product innovation and iteration. The cryptocurrency mining business has not only expanded the revenue stream of our cryptocurrency business, but also optimised the development of our blockchain chain. EBON will continue to expand its global footprint in the blockchain trading market.

EBON is growing fast in the Colombian region

EBON has opened its mining machines and mining operations in the Colombian region. Colombian users can more easily earn extra income of their own in the cryptocurrency market by owning a mining machine from EBON. These mining machines are centrally located in the company’s server room. For those who own EBON mining machines, all they need to do is open the EBON app on their mobile phones and devices and start their machines with a single click, and with a simple operation they will be able to earn high amounts of money.

EBON will issue and list the cryptocurrency EBON COIN in the future, and for the listing of the native cryptocurrency, the exchange needs to evaluate the number of real and active IPs. When a certain number of active IPs is reached, a strong impetus is given to the listing and issuance of EBON COIN. All users and partners will receive the initial price coin of EBON.

The official EBON-COIN App is now available in the Colombian region. Users can download and sign in on their own in the Google play shop.

Colombian cities are competing to select the best city agents and outstanding team leaders

Qualifications and job duties for EBON city agents:

1、Strong language skills, with strong communication skills and interpersonal skills.

2、With certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness.

3、Be responsible, have teamwork spirit, be good at challenges and be able to withstand large work pressure.

4、Explore new markets, develop new customers and expand the market scope of EBON.

5、Management, maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers.

6、Presiding over the daily operation of the regional market, the planning and execution of sales activities, making decisions on major matters and handling unexpected events.

7、Mastering the dynamics of the regional market, promoting the tracking and promotion of the regional market, and successfully completing the strategic layout of EBON total group companies.

EBON’s excellent team leader’s qualifications and position work

1、Identify with the company culture, have a strong desire to work, pay attention to personal development and grow together with the company.

2、Good at challenges, good at developing markets and customer communication.

3、Good team management skills, teamwork and team communication skills.

4、Responsible for the formation and management of the team, daily coaching of team members and improving the team’s recruitment ability.

5、Organize and plan promotional activities for the team’s business and conduct effective team activity management.

6、Inspire team morale, cultivate good team spirit, operate and maintain the team’s customer base.

7、Responsible for the introduction of external talents for team personnel, continuous recruitment of outstanding talents, good work promotion and recruitment of team personnel.

If you become an excellent team leader, you and your team will have a better development. The team makes more contributions to the development of the company, and the company will give you and your team more help and support. You will have the opportunity to participate in the annual EBON Global Outstanding Team Leaders Meeting and Exchange, and work with more outstanding leaders towards success.

If you become an EBON city agent, you have become an EBON partner. You will enjoy more of EBON’s company benefits, including EBON tokens, medical treatment, travel and lifestyle products, as well as priority access to the company’s excellent policies on retirement, childcare, education and charity, and other priority and benefits for the company’s future strategic expansion into the market. When EBON tokens go on sale, you will have more EBON tokens at their original price, and these bring you wealth!

Join EBON, get to know EBON, grow together and create wealth together! EBON will lead every mining leader to become a wealthy giant!

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