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Sun Fire Defense: Providing revolutionary fire-retardant products to protect homes and structures against wildfires.

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Temperatures keep rising, and wildfire seasons are getting longer. Sun Fire Defense provides flame-retardant products to help people protect their homes and structures.

Climate change has increased the frequency of natural disasters, leaving people to seek ways to be more prepared when disaster strikes. Since wildfires are a reality that many might face, disaster preparedness is extremely important to help protect homes from these devastating fires. Data shows that, on average, up to 10 million acres of land burn up in over 60,000 wildfires in the US every year. This number is growing as temperatures rise, with predictions stating that most wildfire-prone areas of western and northern North America will experience major escalations, up to five times the current rate, in fire activity over the coming decade.

Sun Fire Defense is a fire protection company that provides revolutionary fire-retardant products to help people face concurrent wildfire crises. Sun Fire Defense believes that the key to fire protection starts with assisting people in understanding the products available and ways to protect themselves from these fires. This is how to adapt and take action to prevent loss of life and property.

Sun Fire Defense products leverage the best science, technology, and data to create advanced fire defense. Its products are engineered in partnership with renowned experts and institutions in fire prevention, aerospace, and electric power generation. The goal of each product is to provide flame-proof, long-lasting, and high-temperature fire protection. These products inhibit the spread and ignition of fires. Sun Fire Defense’s Fire Retardant has been used in two of the most devasting California wildfires and held up, gaining recognition for its effectiveness, formula, and method of use.

Wildfire defense products by Sun Fire Defense

-  SPF 3000

SPF 3000 is a fire retardant spray with a Class A Flame spread rating. The fire prevention solution is applied on surfaces and protects in the most extreme situations. The technology used to develop this product helps stop the ignition and spread of fires. When interacting with different heat levels, the solution's superalloy expands and contracts to absorb the heat and cut off the oxygen to the fire, preventing any spread. 

-  Home protection system

The home protection system is a revolutionary product that combines fire prevention best practices and technology with innovative chemistry. The system features plant-safe and environmentally friendly fire-retardant chemicals that prevent fire damage. A fire sprinkler system automatically activates in the event of a fire, and the system coats the structure in a fire defense solution that provides safety from the fire.

Sun Fire Defense products are tested and approved by the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection. These fire defense services give people the power to protect themselves and their properties from wildfires. Besides providing advanced products, Sun Fire Defense provides other fire protection services, like wildfire preparedness consultations for homeowners, guides to hardening homes, and utility infrastructure defense. 

To learn more about Sun Fire Defense products, visit the website.

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