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Digimarc Powers New Consumer Engagement Capabilities and Insights

Digimarc Engage revolutionizes consumer communication in both the physical and digital domains while simultaneously uniting these previously separate channels

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies, today announced Digimarc Engage, a product for direct-to-consumer digital communication, is transforming the way businesses, brands, and consumers interact through new and incredibly advanced consumer engagement capabilities. Digimarc Engage is the industry’s first consumer engagement offering to deliver contextual and differentiated experiences across both physical items and digital media – powering integrated marketing campaigns with richer consumer experiences while revealing never-before-available omnichannel data insights to inform smarter campaigns.

“Our latest version of Digimarc Engage provides a seamless experience between physical and digital domains that is not possible with any other consumer engagement offering. Businesses can now build holistic, fully integrated marketing campaigns using a combination of the product and digital and physical promotional assets to engage, inform, and motivate consumers to action more quickly,” said Ken Sickles, Digimarc’s Chief Product Officer. “With new analytics, companies can see which promotional materials perform best based on consumers’ interactions with a product or any of its promotional assets.”

An Evolving Omnichannel Landscape

Consumer trends are reshaping the landscape of digital, hybrid, and physical sales channels. A critical element of this hybrid landscape is omnichannel consumer engagement. Being omnichannel goes beyond being accessible at every touchpoint. Instead, it necessitates a seamless and unified experience.1 Seventy-four percent of consumers use a combination of physical and digital to research and buy products.2

Mixed communications channels such as brand-owned direct-to-consumer, marketplaces, and social commerce have emerged and continue to evolve, making it increasingly difficult for companies to deliver consistent consumer experiences across all consumer touchpoints. Exacerbating this challenge, consumers do not think of themselves as digital or physical consumers. They expect consistent experiences across channels.3

Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement Capabilities and Insights

Digimarc makes omnichannel marketing easy by activating products and physical and digital media to provide an interactive, fully client-owned, cross-media communications platform for consumer engagement. With unified QR codes and weblinks support, Digimarc allows companies to deliver specified content and consistent web experiences across both physical and digital assets.

Three new features of Digimarc Engage include industry firsts in consumer engagement: support for consumer product variants enabling companies to deliver different digital content from variations of a product with the same Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as seasonal packaging, retailer exclusives, or in-market tests; the ability to extend contextual redirection of digital content beyond simply products to physical and digital promotional assets such as web display ads, social media posts, printed materials, and signage, while easily tying the performance of these promotional assets to the product itself; and support for shortened “smart” uniform resource locators (URLs) that redirect to a full web address, providing users with increased flexibility and control when activating digital assets where no physical product or printed QR code is involved.

Building on these revolutionary consumer engagement capabilities, Digimarc also helps companies uncover valuable data analytics about campaign performance by filtering data about consumer engagements by a range of factors, such as country or destination URL. As a result, companies now have a single dashboard view of consumer engagement for digital and physical items, enabling a seamless experience between the two domains and a full 360-degree view of consumer activity and campaign performance.

“Bridging the physical and digital realms is paramount to a company progressing on its digital transformation journey while addressing evolving consumer expectations. We deliver this functionality while providing the ease and simplicity of working with a single platform provider to ensure a seamless and secure omnichannel experience,” added Sickles.

A Future-proofed Solution

With GS1 Digital Link at its core, Digimarc Engage adds dynamic intelligence on top of this critical industry standard to create a direct communication channel between companies and consumers via the products they purchase and consume—a requirement of emerging regulatory efforts such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP) in Europe. As the co-chair of the GS1 Digital Link standard work group, Digimarc led the way for industry-wide adoption of GS1 Digital Link as the world prepares for Sunrise 2027 when 2D barcodes—like QR codes encoded with GS1 Digital Link—will be accepted at point-of-sale.

And importantly, like all Digimarc products, Digimarc Engage is built upon the Digimarc Illuminate platform, a secure and scalable enterprise-grade platform endorsed by CIOs around the world. This means Digimarc Engage customers benefit from the power of Digimarc’s unique digital watermarks to provide the multifactor authentication capabilities required for fraudulent-free customer loyalty and rewards programs. It also makes Digimarc Engage a straightforward way for forward-thinking companies to begin their digital transformation journeys on a single platform that delivers value across the entire organization.

Learn more about Digimarc Engage at or contact us at

About Digimarc

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies. For nearly 30 years, Digimarc innovations and intellectual property in digital watermarking have been deployed at a massive scale for the identification and the authentication of physical and digital items. A notable example is our partnership with a consortium of the world’s central banks to deter counterfeiting of global currency. Digimarc is also instrumental in supporting global industry standards efforts spanning both the physical and digital worlds. In 2023, Digimarc was named to the Fortune 2023 Change the World list and honored as a 2023 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist. Learn more at

1 Deloitte, “An Omnichannel Strategy for a Changing CPG Landscape,” 2024.

2 YouGov, International omnichannel retail report 2021.

3 Deloitte, “An Omnichannel Strategy for a Changing CPG Landscape,” 2024.


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