Washington,  D.C.  20549

                                    FORM  8-K

                                 CURRENT  REPORT

                     Pursuant  to  Section  13  or  15(d)  of  the
                         Securities  Exchange  Act  of  1934

       Date  of  Report  (Date  of  Earliest  Event  Reported):  April  23, 2004

                            INNOVATION  HOLDINGS,  INC.
             (Exact  name  of  Registrant  as  specified  in  its  charter)

Nevada                             000-2777                      91-1923510
(State  or  other           (Commission File Number)         (I.R.S. Employer
jurisdiction of                                              Identification No.)

14622  Ventura  Blvd.,  Suite  1046,  Sherman  Oaks,  CA               91405
 (Address  of  principal  executive  offices)                        (Zip  Code)

Registrant's  telephone  number,  including  area  code:         (818)  426-8734

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Item  5.  Other  Events.

     On  April  23,  2004,  Innovation  Holdings,  Inc.,  a  Nevada corporation,
effectuated a 1-for-500 reverse stock split in order to foster shareholder value
and  to  allow  it  to  move  forward with its efforts to acquire several target
entities.  In  connection  with  the  reverse stock split, the Company's trading
symbol was changed by NASDAQ from "INOV" to "IVHO" and the Company began trading
under  the  new  symbol  effective  immediately.

     The  Company  also  announced  it  had  entered into an exclusive marketing
rights  agreement  with  CrossGel,  Inc.,  a  privately  held  Utah  corporation
("CrossGel"),  pursuant  to  which  IVHO  would create and provide all media and
marketing  for  CrossGel  and,  if  successful, engage in further discussions to
acquire  the  proprietary  rights to the entire ergonomic technology which forms
the  basis  of  the  CrossGel  product  line.

     Consummation  of  any  prospective  merger  would  be  subject  to  certain
additional  items  including  completion  of  a  successful  marketing  plan,
negotiation  of  a  mutually acceptable agreement including, among other things,
approval  of the merger and other related approvals by both the shareholders and
boards  of  directors  of  both  CrossGel  and  IVHO.

     A  copy  of  the press release issued by IVHO on April 26, 2004 is attached
hereto  as  Exhibit  99.1  and  is  hereby  incorporated  by  reference.

Item  7.  Financial  Statements  and  Exhibits

              (a)  Press  Release,  dated  April  26,  2004,  by  IVHO.

                                  EXHIBIT  INDEX

  No.            Description

  99.1         Press  Release,  dated  April  26,  2004,  by  IVHO.


              Pursuant  to  the  requirements  of the Securities Exchange Act of
1934,  the  registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by
the  undersigned  hereunto  duly  authorized.

                                         INNOVATION  HOLDINGS,  INC.

Date:  April  26,  2004                     /s/  Robert  Blagman
                                         Name:  Robert  Blagman
                                         Title:  Chief  Executive  Officer